A lot of grassroots club motor sport – most AutoSOLOs and Production Car Autotests, for example – does not require competitors to have any special licence; often all that is needed is club membership. However, for more ‘serious’ events you will need a Motorsport UK Competition Licence.

There are various different licence types, and grades within those licence types, so you need to make sure you know which one you need before applying for it.

General guidance on licence requirements can be found on each motor sport discipline’s page in the Types of Motorsport Section, though it is always a good idea to check with the organiser of the event or championship you want to compete in if you are unsure.

Some licence grades can be purchased ‘off the shelf’. However, for the Race, Rally and Kart (excluding Clubman/Tyro) disciplines you will first need to buy a Starter Pack from the Shop and then pass either an ARDS (Race), BARS (Rally) or ARKS (Kart) test.

There is no test requirement for taking out a Non-Race National B licence but the Association of Hillclimb and Sprint Schools (AHASS) offers a written examination that can count as an upgrade signature towards a Speed National A licence.

If you are applying for a first-time licence other than Race, Rally or Kart, you simply need to fill in a standard Competition Licence Application Form. For those under 18 applying for a Kart Clubman licence, the standard application form must be accompanied by an Entrant  PG Application Form, completed by a parent or legal guardian.

The majority of Motorsport UK Competition Licences can be applied for online and are dispatched within 10 days – five quicker than those applied for by post. To apply online, click here.

To speak to a member of the Motorsport UK Membership Services Team, call 01753 765 050.