Competitions Authorised for Foreign Participation

Motorsport UK’s NCAFP Calendar lists those events which are open to foreign licence holders.

When accepting entries from foreign licence holders, you must apply to inscribe your event on the National Competitions with Authorised Foreign Participation (NCAFP) Calendar, as per the FIA International Sporting Code Article 2.3.

From the 1st January 2017, these applications are free of charge.

Competitors and drivers who wish to take part in a competition organised abroad can only do so with the approval of their own ASN and organisers must be in possession of that approval before the competitor is allowed to compete. 

Further guidance notes, including an extract of Article 2.3, can be found in the document below.

Note: For 2020 the Motorsport UK NCAFP calendar will be merged with the Fixtures & Permits National Calendar.

Please note you must still confirm in the Event Supplementary Regulations if the event is open to foreign participation and include the eligibility.


Please email the completed NCAFP application form to


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